Majeda Clarke for Crafts Magazine

Weaver, Majeda Clarke, photographed in her Deptford studio.

Sewing tools for The Prince's Foundation Magazine

Tools in the textile workshop at Dumfries House.

Boswell Book Festival for The Prince's Foundation Magazine

Writers, Jackie Kay, Alexander McCall Smith, Andrew O'Hagan and Alan Taylor, photographed at the Boswell Book Festival, Dumfries House.

Elaine Bolt, Ceramicist

Pictures from a recent studio visit with ceramicist, Elaine Bolt.

Charlotte Taylor for Hole & Corner

A commission from Hole & Corner to photograph the artist, Charlotte Taylor, in her Chelsea College of Arts studio.

Jan Hendzel for Hole & Corner

Pictures from a visit to the furniture making workshop of Jan Hendzel, commissioned by Hole & Corner.

The Prince's Foundation Magazine

Photographs made on commission for Issue 1 of The Prince's Foundation Magazine, for a feature looking at paint pigment making at the Prince's School of Traditional Arts. 


New photographs from an ongoing project, based on paintings by my father. All were made on large format film with a 5x4 view camera. Makeshift studios were found in quiet, secluded village halls. The pictures use simple objects, shapes and daylight to study structure, balance and harmony.  All the pictures from the Tables series are available as fine art prints from MOORE Gallery.

Shane Connolly for Hole & Corner

A commission from Hole & Corner magazine to photograph the florist, Shane Connolly, and his work.

Lorna Singleton, Basket Weaver

Pictures from a visit to the Lake District workshop of traditional basket weaver, Lorna Singleton.

Tesco Campaign

Another Tesco campaign image, shot with BBH.

Weald Smokery

Photographs from a new project shot at the Weald Smokery, on the Kent and East Sussex border.

Archie Proudfoot, Sign Painter

Photographs made on a visit to Archie Proudfoot's East London sign painting studio

London Cloth

More photographs from a visit to the London Cloth mill in Epping.

Tesco Campaign

More campaign images commissioned by BBH for Tesco.

Dunkirk Little Ships Restoration Trust

Photographs from the restoration of Dunkirk "little ship", Dorian, in Southampton. 

London Cloth

Pictures from a visit to the London Cloth mill in Epping.

Michael May Knives

Photographs made at Michael May's knife making workshop in Sheffield.

Tesco Campaign

Layouts from a recent Tesco campaign, commissioned by BBH.