From the Archive: First World War Inventories

Photographs from the First World War Inventories project, representing the items worn and carried by front line soldiers in the British, German, French, American and Russian armies.

18.01 London for House Notes

A commission from Soho House's House Notes magazine, to photograph Dean Thomas and
Cristina Rivadulla-Rey, founders of fashion research archive, 18.01 London.


London Glassblowing

Portraits of glass artists, made during a recent visit to London Glassblowing.

Wildes Cheese

Portraits for artisan cheesemakers, Wildes Cheese, North London.

James Shaw for Crafts Magazine

Portraits of product and furniture designer, James Shaw, made at his south London studio. Commissioned by Crafts Magazine.

London Glassblowing

An outtake from a shoot with London Glassblowing and Audi Magazine.


Hands On feature for Audi Magazine

A selection of pictures commissioned by Audi Magazine, looking at the growing popularity of craft workshops and courses. 

Shepherd, Charlotte Darwent, for The Prince's Foundation Magazine

Photographs from a visit to Home Farm at Dumfries House, Scotland. Commissioned by The Prince's Foundation Magazine.

Majeda Clarke for Crafts Magazine

Weaver, Majeda Clarke, photographed in her Deptford studio.

Sewing tools for The Prince's Foundation Magazine

Tools in the textile workshop at Dumfries House.

Boswell Book Festival for The Prince's Foundation Magazine

Writers, Jackie Kay, Alexander McCall Smith, Andrew O'Hagan and Alan Taylor, photographed at the Boswell Book Festival, Dumfries House.

Elaine Bolt, Ceramicist

Pictures from a recent studio visit with ceramicist, Elaine Bolt.

Charlotte Taylor for Hole & Corner

A commission from Hole & Corner to photograph the artist, Charlotte Taylor, in her Chelsea College of Arts studio.

Jan Hendzel for Hole & Corner

Pictures from a visit to the furniture making workshop of Jan Hendzel, commissioned by Hole & Corner.

The Prince's Foundation Magazine

Photographs made on commission for Issue 1 of The Prince's Foundation Magazine, for a feature looking at paint pigment making at the Prince's School of Traditional Arts. 


New photographs from an ongoing project, based on paintings by my father. All were made on large format film with a 5x4 view camera. Makeshift studios were found in quiet, secluded village halls. The pictures use simple objects, shapes and daylight to study structure, balance and harmony.  All the pictures from the Tables series are available as fine art prints from MOORE Gallery.